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We have the lowest monthly payments in California. Let our qualified customer service representatives help you today.

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It doesn't matter where you've come from or what your past is, we strive to always insure everyone regardless.

Welcome to Sameday Insurance Services Inc.!

California car insurance quotes and homeowners' insurance quotes are easy with Sameday Insurance Services Inc. With locations throughout the state, you can visit or contact us to start saving money today!

Our insurance programs offer home, automobile, and motorcycle insurance packages that include basic and custom comprehensive coverage options. Unlike California insurance agencies that offer policies from a single provider, we can provide competing quotes from a variety of sources, giving our customers far more control and buying power.

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we provide the most affordable insurance possible. The satisfaction of our customers is always our driving force, and we can save money on home, auto, or motorcycle insurance. We concentrate on building lifelong relationships with our customers—providing them with different types and levels of coverage as our customers' insurance needs change. If setbacks or major life events occur, we'll assist you with strategies and the commitment you need to turn things around.

Don't wait to get your California insurance quote when you can start saving money now! Visit our customer service offices in Long Beach Branch, Downey Brunch, Lawndale/Hawthorne, and Anaheim to learn how much money you can save on your California insurance for home or vehicle. Contact us for your California car insurance quotes and homeowners' insurance quotes today!

Today I purchased my insurance through this company and the Branch Manager Alex Lozano was very professional in the whole process I was at work and I needed something quick and with a great deal. By far best rate for full coverage. Saving me money up to $300 didn’t have to come in or waste any time. I had Insurance by the end of my lunchtime break.

- Jenny A.