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The main job of auto insurance is to offer financial protection in case of an accident. Even so, an accident may be the very reason for increasing premiums. Understanding how car accidents affect your auto insurance rates can help you keep your premium at a more affordable price. A Single Accident Caused By You READ MORE >>

You think you are a good driver. However, your auto insurance agent just informed you that your rates are on the rise. Your poor driving record is the cause. Your driving record is a file that contains information about the moving violations you have. If you have numerous records like this, chances are good you will pay more for auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Are you getting ready to hit the road on a road trip? Whether you are traveling in California or planning a trip to the East Coast, it’s important to be prepared. Sameday Insurance, providers of great auto insurance in Van Nuys and other California cities, wants you to be ready for anything. READ MORE >>

  It’s happened to the best of us – you pull into a parking lot, got distracted, and accidentally hit a parked car! It’s okay that this has happened and it’s important to take the right steps after your accident. READ MORE >>

From moving to a more unified world to transforming the way that we communicate, millennials are changing a lot of aspects of the world we live in. One of the ways they are certainly changing things is by changing the way we drive. READ MORE >>

Nationwide, police reports continue to indicate the number of distracted driving stops is climbing. Distracted driving occurs when a person driving is unable to focus properly on the road due to in-car events, sounds, or activities. It is one of the most dangerous actions a driver can take. READ MORE >>

There are a lot of benefits that auto insurance companies can offer when you invest in them. A lot of us are using vehicles to travel places, so we are mostly aware of how useful they are, as well how dangerous they can be in case of crashes. READ MORE >>

We are in the time that everyone is encouraged to show concern for the environment. Thus, accumulating more waste and other stuff that will be left unused should not be an option. All of which, can turn into pollutants that later on we will regret. READ MORE >>

There is a lot of insurance coverage that we hear, but most do not know the meaning of what it does and how it works. We just know that it will give us protection from injury to losses and other unexpected events. As a car owner, you think that it is your responsibility to get insurance for your auto, but what exactly is the type of coverage you have? READ MORE >>

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